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Bamboo Resources

Available Bamboo Books & Other Bamboo-Related Resources  American Bamboo Society List of Books about Bamboo & other Bamboo Resources.

Books About Bamboo/Bamboo Related LiteratureBook list gathered by Marco Piazza, Updated by Ted Jordan Meredith

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Here is a list of suggested literature. For the beginner the following books represent a valuable source of information for starting to understand the multiple applications and the beauty of bamboo. Books on bamboo are available from quite a few ABS Members. Have a look the list of suppliers included as part of the ABS Species Source List.

Books may be purchased here.

-----Gardening, Growing, and General Introduction-----
Bamboo - Robert Austin, Dana Levy, Ueda Koichiro; 1970.
Bamboo - Jan Oprins, 2002.
Bamboo for Gardens - Ted Jordan Meredith, 2001.
Bamboo The Gift of the Gods - Oscar Hidalgo-Lopez, 2003.
Bamboo Rediscovered - Victor Cusack, 1998.
Bamboo World - Victor Cusack, Deirdre Stewart; 2000.
Bamboos - Yves Crouzet, Paul Starosta; 1998.
Bamboos - Christine Recht, Max F. Wetterwald; 1992.
The Book of Bamboo - David Farrelly, 1995.
The Gardener's Guide to Growing Temperate Bamboos - Michael Bell, 2000.
Hardy Bamboos: Taming the Dragon - Paul Whittaker, 2005.
Ornamental Bamboos - David Crompton, 2006.
Practical Bamboos: The 50 Best Plants for Screens - Containers and More, Paul Whittaker, 2010.
Timber Press Pocket Guide to Bamboos - Ted Jordan Meredith, 2009.

-----Farming and Agroforestry-----
The Bamboo Handbook: A Farmers, Growers, and Product Developers Guide - Durnford Dart, 1999.
Farming Bamboo - Daphne Lewis, Carol Miles; 2007.
Hardy Bamboos for Shoots & Poles - Daphne Lewis, 1998.
The Proceedings of the Pacific Northwest Bamboo Agro-Forestry Workshop - Gib Cooper, Carol Miles, coordinators; 1997.

-----Craft, Construction, and Decor-----
Bamboo Fences - Isao Yoshikawa, Suzuki Osamu; 2009.
The Bamboo Fences of Japan - Osamu Suzuki, Isao Yoshikawa;1988.
Bamboo in Japan - Nancy Moore Bess, 2001.
Bamboo Style - Gale Beth Goldberg, 2004.
Bamboo Style: Exteriors, Interiors, Details - Angelika Taschen, ed.; Reto Guntli; 2006.
Building Bamboo Fences - Isao Yoshikawa, 2001.
Building with Bamboo: A Handbook - Jules J. A. Janssen, 1995.
Contemporary Japanese Bamboo Arts - Pat Pollard, Robert T. Coffland; 2000.
The Craft & Art of Bamboo, Revised & Updated: 30 Eco-Friendly Projects to Make for Home & Garden - Carol Stangler, 2009.
Grow Your Own House: Simon Velez and Bamboo Architecture - Simon Velez; Alexander von Vegesack, ed.; Mateo Kries, ed.; 2000.
How to Build with Bamboo: 19 Projects You Can do at Home - Jo Scheer, 2005. IL 31 Bambus--Bamboo - Klaus Dunkelberg, 2000.
Japanese Bamboo Baskets: Meiji, Modern, and Contemporary - Masanori Moroyama, Masami Oguchi; 2007.
Masters of Bamboo: Artistic Lineages in the Lloyd Cotsen Japanese Basket Collection - Koichiro Okada, Kaz Tsuruta, Robert T. Coffland; 2008.
New Bamboo: Contemporary Japanese Masters - Joe Earle, 2008.

American Bamboos - Emmett J. Judziewicz, Lynn G. Clark, Ximena Londoño, Margaret J. Stern; 1999.
The Bamboos - G.P. Chapman, ed.;1997.
The Bamboos - F. A. McClure, 1966, reprint 1993.
Bamboos of Bhutan: An Illustrated Guide - Chris Stapleton, 1994.
Bamboos of China - Wang Dajun, Shen Shap-Jin; 1987.
Bamboos of India: A Compendium - K. K. Seethalakshmi, 2002.
Bamboos of Nepal: An Illustrated Guide - Chris Stapleton, 1994.
The Bamboos of Peninsular Malaysia - K. M. Wong, 1995.
The Bamboos of Sabah - S. Dransfield, 1992.
Bamboos of Sikkim (India), Bhutan, and Nepal - Punya P. Poudyal, 2006.
The Bamboos of Singapore - K. S. Chua, B. C. Soong, H. T. W. Tan; 1996.
The Bamboos of the World: Annotated Nomenclature and Literature of the Species and the Higher and Lower Taxa - D. Ohrnberger, 1999.
Chinese Bamboos - Shou-liang Chen, Liang-chi Chia; 1988.
A Compendium of Chinese Bamboo - S. Zhu; N. Ma; M. Fu, eds.; 1994.
Hong Kong Bamboos - P. P. But, L. Chia, H. Fung, S. Hu; 1985.
A Monograph on Bamboo - D. N. Tewari, 1992.
The Morphology, Anatomy, Biology, and Classification of Peninsular Malaysian Bamboos - K. M. Wong, 1995.
Plant Resources of South-East Asia, 7, Bamboos - S. Dransfield, E. A. Widjaja, eds.; 1995.

Other Bamboo ResourcesOther Bamboo-Related Resources as compiled by the ABS...

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* bamboo plantations
* Bambu-brasil
* bambu-ecuador
* Bamboo Arts and Craft Network

-----Bamboo Nurseries-----
Several ABS members, who are commercial bamboo growers, also have books available. Here is the list.

INBAR, the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan has a collection of publications about bamboo and rattan available. A Web page describes their publications and other materials.

-----World Bamboo Organization-----
World Bamboo Logo is a diverse group consisting of individual people, commercial businesses, non-profit associations, institutions, and allied trade corporations that all share a common interest = BAMBOO. The purpose of the WBO is to improve and promote this common interest, as well as the conditions affecting, and the industry surrounding, this common interest. We are dedicated to promoting the use of bamboo and bamboo products for the sake of the environment and economy.

-----The Library of Congress-----
A bibliography of books on bamboo at the Library of Congress.

-----The USDA National Agricultural Library-----
A bibliography of books on bamboo at the United States Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Library.

We also have a limited number of USDA publications in electronic format (PDF and HTML), thanks to Richard Waldron who did the collecting and scanning of the documents. Note that the PDF files are large.

- Bamboos of the Genus Phyllostachys, F. A. McClure, Agriculture Handbook #114, 72pp, June 1957, (PDF - 33MB)

- Fiber and Papermaking Characteristics of Bamboo, Haun, Clark and White, Technical Bulletin #1361, 22pp, August 1966 (PDF - 11.3MB)

- Growing Ornamental Bamboo, Science and Education Administration, Home and Garden Bulletin #76, 9pp, no date (PDF - 4.8MB, HTML)

-----Other Websites-----
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Bamboo is useful.
It is beautiful.
It is strong and it is flexible.
It has potentials far beyond property lines and control issues."

By: Susanne Lucas, November 2015

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